Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Generation Shanghai

Was soll man davon halten? Ein junger kanadischer Manager, 27 Jahre, hadert mit seinen Beziehungsproblemen in China. Kaum ist sein Fazit darüber veröffentlicht, gibt es eine klare Antwort und die lässt auf das Selbstbewusstsein der jungen Frauen schließen, in Shanghai.

hier der Blog Eintrag des Kanadiers Dana vom 12. Dezember:

Young Shanghai girl chooses 1) a young guy with no job, uses his parents money to go to the bars and play majiang with his mates and looks like a peasant OR 2) an older peasant-looking guy with no class or education, but tons of cash R 3) a foriegn tool who no one back home would want...over one of us - young, good-looking, highly-educated managers with passports, money and promising futures - the whole package??? I don't get it. I really don't. Well, ok, the whole, "I'm Shanghainese and wanna be with a man who gives me a feeling of safety"... Whatever!!! It's more like, "I'm Shanghainese, lazy and selfish and wanna man who I can control because I know I'm more 'valuable' in society than him." Jesus Christ! What a place this is!!! Not that I'm bitter or anything... These chicks really have no face...

und das die Antwort von Heidishao:

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