Sunday, December 18, 2005

Generation Shanghai Part II

There is a Canadian who suffers from failure in relationships in Shanghai, see related post from 14. December.
He wrote a second post about Shanghai women in his weblog:

These relationships've screwed up my head and I'm just as much to blame as they are. Bottom line, I've allowed myself to become dependent on people who really aren't suitable for me and who have always and always will put themselves before me. It's just not "me" here. I AM thankful for my job now and my good mates. Here's to hoping that I can just survive the next 8 months here, so that I can take my money and run and then my goal will be simple - surround myself with the people I REALLY love and who REALLY love me. I've just gotta face it - no Shanghai woman would EVER love me as much as I need and, actually, that's not asking much - just to respect me and VALUE me for who I am. A Shanghai woman will always be a princess and her man will always be her carriage driver and shoe shiner. God, what am I gonna do?

But he has blocked his comment section in his msn space weblog.

Instead here is a response from Elyn and her thoughts on Dana`s first and second post.

Eventually I finished Dana's blog reading. Maybe he is not happy now. He has neither parents but some girlfriends:Sela , Puffs and Felin. I think they r all Chinese. Though he isn't lack of woman , in his spirit is lack of a intimate friend .Not only foreigners feel that but also Chinese also feel lonely in Shanghai. Coz Shanghai life's beat is so fast, faster than Tokyo .Dana is from Canada . A slow country. He can't adapt living in shanghai. But I think all will be fine, maybe he will leave Shanghai , coz he said he could just survive the next 8 months . I don't like a man like him. He always see thing in Shanghai by his prejudice. I think no girl in Shanghai include other country will like a man with no job, uses his parents money to go to the bars and play majiang with his mates and looks like a peasant . Do u know majiang? it's mahjong . a gamble game.
He always twisted Shanghai image . A disgusting guy!!!!!!!!!!

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