Tuesday, December 11, 2007

KIA wieder aus Osnabrück?

Das war 1994 Schlagzeile in einem Bericht von AutoBild

Keiner will was sagen, aber erinnert sei daran, dass es schon einmal ein KIA-Karmann Projekt gegeben hat Mitte der 90er.

A Kia spokesperson said that a decision to build the new model has yet to be reached. If Kia decides to produce the convertible, then the soft roof — as well as the entire car — might be manufactured externally, with Karmann being one of the contenders.

“We don’t want to endanger the negotiations by commenting on speculation,” said a Karmann spokesperson. The Karmann works council said the contract being discussed would involve the manufacture of an entire car, a contract that could secure jobs for many years. [Source: Autonews]

berichtet: kia-world

Jedenfalls drücken einige in den Kommentaren feste die Daumen.

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