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Libyen updated

Update 14. Mai, ein Kommentar von Salwinder bei Al Jazeera Live Blog,
I see in the news this morning NATO are stating that they do not need to hunt down Ghadafi specifically as regime forces are melting away fast. Yet another prediction from Gerhard earlier this week that has come to pass - he suggested that by the weekend the media would begin reporting on the collapse of Ghadafi's troops. He also informed us days ago ahead of time of NATO's renewed focus on Tripoli to target elite brigade equipment and C&C, as well as the final destruction of Ghadafi infrastructure in Brega as evidenced by yesterday's airstrike on the C&C target there.

Gerhard also talked earlier this week about defections of senior commanders to happen by this weekend once their families safety was secured. Hopefully this has been sorted and we hear about these defections shortly.

I think there is no doubt now that we are in the endgame and as far as I can tell Ghadafi no longer functions as a leader anymore - not politically, militarily or economically. So he is redundant now and regime insiders know this. The question is how long this phase lasts.

Ich bleibe dabei, solche Infos hat es so noch nicht bei militärischen Konflikten gegeben, jedenfalls soweit ich weiß. Nicht mal von sogenannten "Embedded Journalists".

Der Krieg in Libyen dauert an, aber die mediale Berichterstattung ist dürftig. Seit Wochen wird deutlich, dass die Journalisten da unten nur ein Teilbild liefern können. Ansonsten ist man vor allem auf die Kommentare und Linkverweise beim Al-Jazeera-Live-Blog angewiesen, um ein aktuelles Bild aus ganz Libyen zu bekommen. Allerdings laufen dort auch tausende Kommentare täglich auf, und man muss sondieren, wer verlässliche Infos weiter gibt.

Der arabische Frühling, leider unter weitesgehendem Ausschluß der Öffentlichkeit, nicht nur in Syrien. Und das liegt auch daran, dass wir bei internationalen und anderen Konflikten zu oft nur uns selber meinen. Unsere Sicht auf die Welt.
Joseon Tongsinsa Festival

Update 10. Mai
Ich bin etwas zurückhaltend mit meiner Meinung, aber dieser Kommentar beim Al Jazeera Live Blog trifft es:

globeline 2 minutes ago
I looked back to the Al jazeera blog feb 17 and i found this:

Richard Pithouse argues in the latest edition of Pambazuka Online, that the revolts in North Africa and the Middle East might be towards advancing democratic values but the struggles do not seek to replicate American or European values. Pithouse argues that considering the relationship the United States and Europe have had with despots in the region, "they have no claim of moral leadership in this world"
We cannot know the trajectories of the uprisings that have swept North Africa and the Middle East. But one thing is for sure. Whatever pompous claims to the contrary come out of Washington and Brussels, these are not revolts for American or European values. On the contrary they are a direct challenge to those values. They are revolts against a global power structure that is formed by an international alliance of elites with one of its key principles being the idea, the racist idea, that Arabs are ‘not yet ready’ for democracy.

#Libya latest map, updated 10-05-2011 @ 11:30am local time:  on Twitpic
und Libyen Youth Movement auf Facebook.
Tribute FM - Radio auf Englisch aus Benghazi
Englisch, eine Sprache, die aus dem öffentlichen Raum in Libyen gebannt worden war.

Update 17. Mai Al Jazeera hat einen neunen Blog aufgemacht, aber die Kommentarfunktion weggelassen. Das führt zu heftigen Protesten. Eine Reaktion, Michael Grant:
Every student in the university and colleges where I work here in France has been told about the Comments section of this blog, which is surely a historic phenomenon in the history of journalism just as the Libyan Revolution is in the history of the struggle for human rights. To get rid of the section now is either a ludicrous mistake on the part of AJE editorial board or it is cowing to some Influential Person. "Comments" might be a mess, it might be massively trolled by daffi agents, FSB or ex-Milosevic yobs but it's got its finger on the pulse like no other news organ so please AlJazeera, keep your reputation and keep the Comments section - your stature can only grow by doing so. Where else can we read postings from insiders and other well-informed people like Gerhard, Colin, Glen, Tara, crazy Moussa K and those brave Libyans?

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