Thursday, June 25, 2009

Stimmen zu Karmann

In der Blogosphaere wird Karmann mehr in englischsprachigen Posts diskutiert. Der letzte Wagen vom Band war Anlass fuer einige Kommentare:

They made the Mégane II CC’s folding glass roof. Shame to see them go.

Thats a shame, lots will be unemployed, bit of a icon company really, with great history why does’nt Porker or Benz buy it?Or even the Chinese?


actually have 2 cars that came out of that plant. A 72 Porsche 914 and a Crossfire SRT-6....sad day indeed

As a VW Corrado owner (designed and built by Karmann!) I've been fortunate enough to visit Karmann in Osnabruck a number of times over the years with German speaking friends who have contacts within Karmann.. all the folks we met (who worked on cars like the Scirocco and the Corrado) were so passionate about them and the company they work(ed) for. We heard so many great stories about the relationship between VW & Karmann, etc.

Karmann will continue to exist making roof systems but certainly as that company which owned their enormous plant in Osnabruck they are no more. It's really, really tragic.

und noch viele Kommentare mehr, source

Wow, I didn't even know they where in existence, I think the Karmann ghia is one of the best looking VW of all time, I only wish it was front engine-rear wheel drive.


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